What’s LKI Ecosystem?

A online casino ecosystem that provides a unique and exciting gaming experience for all players. The ecosystem offers a wide variety of games and acounts, ranging from traditional casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat etc… to modern slot games with eye-catching and mobile-friendly graphics.

The goal of the Lucky Inu Ecosystem is to create a fair and transparent casino and gaming system for members to play games, casino and other activities.

All casino and games are proven to be fair, safe and audited.

Special casino ecosystem with play to win, play to burn.

Fair distribution to all investor without launchpad but LP locked.

Hold to earn freedom $LKI token as reward and claim it any time.

Unlimited burn $LKI token with smart contract hub.


– Lucky Inu is a Gamefi & Casino ecosystem that aims to create a online casino and gaming service where users can interact with each other, play games, and buy and reseller services. Lucky Inu ecosystem uses the $LKI token to power activities in the casino and gaming system.


– To create a safe, fair, transparent gaming and casino ecosystem.
– Where people can freely express themselves and connect with each other.
– Where people can learn, grow, and earn money.
– Where people can experience new and exciting things.


– Lucky Inu token is a valuable asset that can be used for a variety of purposes. As the Lucky Inu ecosystem launch, the demand for $LKI token will increase but total supply decrease everyday. This is a potential investment opportunity for those who believe in the future of Lucky Inu Project.


On the global marketplace

No World Wide Platform:

All platforms are not allow some people, some countries or don’t open to everyone in the world wide .

No Safe Transactions:

Customer’s payment information is not encrypted, transactions are not safe and secure.

No Global Payment Systems:

Centralized payment gateway, or deprecated worldwide. Transactions are slow and high fee.


Our method and vision

Global AIO Platform:

Our platform is open and welcoming to everyone around the world. A fair and freedom platform.

Be Safe and Secure:

All transactions are secured by blockchain technology, all user information is encrypted.

Decentralize Payment Systems

Decentralized payment gateway, instant anonymous withdraw with very low cost by smart contract.

The main issue

decentralizing and transparency and reliability

– Lucky Inu Ecosystem is a backend service that provides users with variety of account. This makes it easier than ever for all customers to launch casinos or games simply by holding LuckyInu NFTs or $LKI Tokens.

– Lucky Inu ecosystem is committed to security and transparency. All of its transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which is a public ledger that anyone can view. All customer information is encrypted.

– Lucky Inu ecosystem is a reliable platform. It is designed to be mobile-friendly, scalable, and secure. So it can handle large volumes of transactions without any problems.

EVM Compatibility
Safe & Secure
Very Low fees
Contract Audited

How it works

All-in-One Platform Ecosystem.
Use, resell or rent our services with multiple levels:
Master, Agent, Seller, Player.

Key Features

- All-in-one: The system provides all the features you need to run your business.
- Easy to use: The interface is intuitive and easy to use, suitable for everyone.
- Flexible: Customize the system to your needs and business goals.
- Secure: The system has high-level security to ensure the safety of your data and information.
- Profitable: The system has the potential to generate high profits with multiple business models.

System Is Suitable For

- Individuals: Who want to start a business with a ready-made system.
- Businesses: That want to expand their market and increase revenue.
- Investors who want to earn passive income.

Master Account

- Owned a fully functional system with unlimited usage rights.
- Freely design white label and private branding. No backend and security experience required.
- Set profit margins, create and manage: Agent, End User, bonuses, etc.
- Be responsible for profits/risks caused by your settings.

Agent Account

- Owned a fully functional system with unlimited usage rights.
- Freely design white label and private branding. No backend and security experience required.
- Set profit margins, create and manage: End User, bonuses, etc.
- Be responsible for profits/risks caused by your settings.

Seller Account

PinCode Recharge: Sell all our service get back reward back..
Account Deactivation & Refund: Support account deactivation and refund within 24 hours.

Powerful With Gamefi

Lucky Inu Project is a Casino EcoSystem, allowing players to earn $LKI tokens as rewards and reduce the supply. This can be done through special methods with smart contracts, such as:

⤷  Casino Machine.
⤷  Hight-Low.
⤷  P2P Casino.
⤷  Sport Bet.
⤷  Lottery.
⤷  And more.

✫ Hold to earn: For members who do not like games or do not have time to play games but still want to earn $LKI tokens. Don’t worry, you can hold for 3 months up to 2 years. Tokens held are locked by smart contract but rewards will be freely distributed every day, and you can claim them at any time.

✫ Special: $LKI tokens cannot be minted, but they will be burned. Through a special method, LKI tokens are burned every weekly by Lucky Inu Ecosystem. More play more burn.

Lucky Inu Token

✫ Lucky Inu Token: A deflation meme token designed for play to burn, it’s used as credit, reward and empowering users within the Lucky Inu ecosystem with various functionalities:

⤷ Engaging in Games and Activities: $LKI acts as the in-game currency for entry fees, wagers, and reward collection in games and activities within the Lucky Inu Ecosystem.

⤷ Governance: $LKI holders influence the Lucky Inu ecosystem’s direction by voting on proposals and changes, shaping the platform’s future.

⤷ Staking: By staking their $LKI tokens, all holders can earn a competitive 35% generated from the Lucky Inu Ecosystem revenue.

⤷ Payments: $LKI token facilitates all service and product payments within the Lucky Inu ecosystem, offering a convenient and secure payment method.

Lucky Inu NFT

✫ Lucky Inu NFT: A unique digital assets, offering with lifetime revenue and utilities. It’s designed for unlock the exclusive features in Luckyinu Ecosystem, and can be used as:

⤷ Collectibles: LuckyInu NFTs hold value as unique and collectible items, potentially appreciating over time.

⤷ Gaming Participation: LuckyInu Master NFTs are key to unlock exclusive participation in Master Acount and activities within the Luckyinu ecosystem.

⤷ Reward Earning: LuckyInu Master NFT holders will be shared 15% additional $LKI token rewards pool through Luky Inu Ecosystem revenue.

⤷ Trading: LuckyInu NFTs can be traded on dedicated NFT marketplaces, enabling users to buy, sell, or collect these digital assets.